The Estate is pleased to be able to offer the following products for sale:

  • Firewood

    Seasoned hardwood and softwood from our own woodland.

    A load of hardwood split logs 8" or 12" (1.8m3 approx.)and Half load.

    Our prices are based on 2 areas:

    Area 1 (£90/£160) - Tortworth, Charfield, Kingswood, Cromhall, Bibstone, Wickwar, Rangeworthy, Tytherington, Falfield, Buckover, Rockhampton, Stone, Upper/Lower Wick, Damery, Huntingford, Milbury Heath and North Nibley.

    Area 2 (£105/£180) - Wotton-under-Edge, Olveston, Alveston, Oldbury, Rudgeway, Westerleigh, Iron Acton, Frampton Cotterell, Thornbury, Dursley, Cam, Slimbridge and Berkeley.

    For your immediate and future requirements contact: Tel 01454 260268

  • Cord Wood

    As well as seasoned firewood logs the estate are able to provide cord wood. At present we have a small supply of seasoned wood available but are able to provide green wood to requirement.

    Prices as follows (includes delivery within 10 miles):

    1/2 load (circa 4m3) - £200 + VAT
    Full load (circa 8m3) - £370 + VAT.

    We are able to provide prices for bulk orders and also track side collection.