A New Garden Village in South Gloucestershire?

The West of England Authorities, consisting of South Gloucestershire, North Somerset, Bristol City, and Bath and North East Somerset Unitary councils have identified a need to deliver between 85,000 and 105,000 homes in the period up to 2036 as well as plans for new employment opportunities, transport and other infrastructure needs. The Councils invited responses to an “issues and options” consultation process which ended in January 2016.

In response, the Tortworth Estate, working with Hunter Page Planning Ltd, submitted a concept document for a new “Garden Village” at Buckover. Crucially the site is not in the Green Belt and benefits from being under the ownership of just one party – Tortworth Estate.

We set out the background, rationale and vision for a possible new garden village, of up to 3,000 homes with employment, health, and education facilities. Together with the necessary transportation and communications infrastructure, there will also be retail provision, community facilities and green open spaces.

The Tortworth Estate embraces the Garden Village concept because it accords with our sustainable beliefs, and the principles behind our successful estate management. It is taking a refreshing look at how we plan for the homes we will need in the future and begins with what is, in effect, a largely blank canvass. This avoids poor planning by ensuring that there is a holistic approach planned from the outset rather than trying to deliver large-scale housing bolted on to the edge of our towns and villages.

Even at this very early stage we have been devoting much time to meeting various local groups, residents, Parish and Town Councils and businesses face-to-face to understand the challenges that exist at the moment, and the opportunities that people tell us about for the future. Our aim is to work in a collaborative manner. We have faced challenging questions but also received constructive help and advice on what is required should the proposals go ahead. In addition, we are exploring what makes a successful community, how you create that community from scratch and how you ensure it remains sustainable into the future. Our firm belief is that we need to “complement rather than compete” with local facilities and communities already in place.

An important milestone was reached in October 2016 when the draft site allocations in the West of England Joint Spatial Strategy (JSP) were endorsed for public consultation. Buckover was identified for a potential new Garden Village of up to 2,200 homes.

On the 24th July 2017 the Tortworth Estate announced St Modwen as its partner to deliver the Buckover Garden Village concept.  For further details please see Media Statement under Attachments above.

What Happens Next?
Whilst we are pleased to be identified as a potential site for a new community we fully appreciate that this is only a draft allocation and much work still has to be undertaken by South Gloucestershire and the West of England Partnership to consult with the public over the JSP proposals.

In the meantime, we want to hear your views, and thank you to all those who have already been in touch, and we will keep you updated on this web page.

If you would like to send us your thoughts, please email us at bgv@mediationinplanning.co.uk

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Process Timelines

We have put together a timeline to show significant events during the process:

  • 2015
  • 2016
    • January
      • Estate submits responses to JSP and JTS consultation which includes Buckover Village Garden -see documents on this page
      • West of England Joint Spatial Plan: Issues and Options consultation closes
      • West of England Joint Transport Study (JTS): Issues and Options consultation closes
    • May
      • West of England releases responses to JPS and JTS consultations
    • June
    • July
      • South Gloucestershire Council Local Plan: Policy, Sites and Places formal consultation commences
      • Estate attends Falfield Parish Council meeting: http://www.falfield.org.uk/cMinutes190716.pdf
      • South Gloucestershire Council submit Expression of Interest: Locally-Led Garden Villages, Towns and Cities
        to The Department for Communities and Local Government - see document on this site.
    • August
    • September
      • Estate submits response to Local Plan: Policy, Sites & Places consultation
      • South Gloucestershire Council Local Plan: Policy Sites and Places formal consultation closes
      • Estate meets with Falfield Parish Councillors, referenced at this link but full notes yet to be published: http://www.falfield.org.uk/dMinutes200916.pdf
      • West of England Planning, Housing and Communities Board and Joint Transport Executive Committee agenda and papers released for October meeting. Buckover Garden Village included draft JSP consultation.
    • October
    • November
  • 2017
    • January
    • February
      • Estate receives official notes of the meeting between Falfield Parish Council and the Tortworth Estate held in September 2016.  Please see attachments above.
    • March
    • July
      • On the 24th July 2017 the Tortworth Estate announced St Modwen as its partner to deliver the Buckover Garden Village concept.  For further details please see Media Statement under Attachments above.
    • September/October
      • South Gloucestershire Council’s Public Consultation on new Local Plan and Strategic Development Locations
    • November
      • All four Councils making up the West of England Partnership voted to approve and press ahead with the draft Joint Spatial Plan (JSP) which outlines how 105,000 houses are to built across the West of England area by 2036, including 32,500 new homes to be built in South Gloucestershire. Buckover Garden Village remains in the JSP as a committed allocation. The plan is now open for consultation (see above right) before being submitted to the Secretary of State for approval in 2018.
      • Master Planning work and meetings continue.
      • Specialist technical and environmental companies continue with the site investigation, transport and sustainability matters.
      • Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government, Rt Hon Sajid Javid MP pledges action to “fix the broken housing market”. Full speech can be found here:-


    • December
      • Master Planning work and meetings continue.
      • Work on future Community Governance for Buckover Garden Village continues.